Byproducts of Minimalism

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Everyone comes to minimalism for something. Some come because of the aesthetic, the clean lines and simple colours that are so popular right now. Some come because of the simplicity, the mass reduction in clutter, the downsizing.

And, provided they put in some hard work, everyone can find what they were looking for, at least for a time.

But there are some other side effects of minimalism that may not be obvious.

Firstly, there are bragging rights. You have less stuff than any of your friends, family, or neighbours. Surely that’s cause for pride. Now, not everyone will come to this, but most minimalists will talk about their experiment, and they’ll probably talk about it in terms of pride. This isn’t a good side effect, in my opinion. But it’s a common one. That’s why there are a million and one social media accounts dedicated to people’s minimalist attempts. Because minimalism provides bragging rights.

Secondly, there is room. Of course, people often come with the idea of getting rid of clutter, but people often don’t realize how much room the clutter takes up. They see it stacked on the table and piled on the floor and wish it were out of their way. But when it leaves the house, suddenly the bookshelves and cabinets where the clutter occasionally lived are empty. It’s marvelous how easy it is to move when everything you own can fit in a few boxes. And everyone who puts in the time and energy to minimize will find this benefit. I have more room because I’ve gotten rid of unnecessary items.

Thirdly, there’s time. When you have less stuff to pick up at the end of the day, less stuff to clean, less stuff to store, less stuff to look through when you need something, the time saved really starts to add up. I have less clothing in my closet and I barely think about what I put on in the morning, because everything works together. I have less books and less games out, so I spend less time deliberating over what I want to read or play.

Of course, minimalism affects people in many other ways as well, but these are a few of the less obvious byproducts of minimalism.

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