Two Months

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Lots of things on my mind today. I’m two thirds of the way through this challenge, and a couple of things are becoming clear.

Firstly, Project 333 has been simple. I don’t have to think about it, I just have certain clothes in my closet. The only problem has been wear. I’ve had two casual dress shirts lose buttons in two months (not yet fixed). I’ve also had a pair of jeans develop a hole. That’s a lot of repair issues to come up in two months, much higher than my average.

So I’m in two minds about this. Part of me wants to just start buying more expensive (read, higher quality) clothes. But doesn’t that just fall in line with the accusations that minimalism is for the rich? I’m in this for how I am now, not to change into something else. I’m certainly going to get them fixed, and wear them more, in line with zero-waste, but where do I want to draw the line between quality and price.

Secondly, food waste is a pain. My compost bin is pretty nasty. I really want to do something else, but I’m not sure there’s room. At least I’m making food waste, not plastic. But it’s frustrating, trying to avoid the plastics. I see them everywhere now. Guess that’s a normal side-effect of thinking about something a lot, you start to really notice everything connected to it.

Month three starts tomorrow. I want to experiment more with recipes at home. I’ve only done so much of that so far. I’ve put a few things on Kijiji that I want to get rid of, and if they don’t go quickly, I’ll find some other way to get them out of the house. My possessions are definitely shrinking though, which I’m happy about. I almost feel like a minimalist…

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