Minimalism in Action: My Closet

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I’ve already gone through and minimized my clothes for Project 333, but there was still a lot of junk in my closet. It looked like a mess and was kind of driving me crazy, so I decided to make that my next minimalist venture.

As usual, I started by pulling everything out and strewing it across my bedroom. This is satisfying in the same way that knocking over a large pile of boxes is satisfying; full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

Then I started chucking junk. It’s quite impressive, the detritus that builds up when your closet shelves are the dumping grounds for everything that you don’t want on your table.

There was quite a quantity of items that should have been sent to the garbage or recycling immediately, as opposed to taking up residence in the closet. There were also a few “treasures” left for me by the previous tenants. There was a plastic watch stand, sans watch. Unfortunately, not recyclable plastic, but there’s nothing I can do about that. There was also a plastic curtain thing. I honestly have no idea what it was doing in the closet, it was obviously deliberately mounted. It had the texture and look of a shower curtain, but was only three feet high. Regardless, since I can’t imagine a use for it, it went into the trash as well.

I filed or recycled letters that hadn’t been properly dealt with when I received them. I emptied and combined boxes, throwing out items that I didn’t need anymore. There were a few things that I had forgotten about, and that I actually pulled out of the closet and put to use. Then I put what was left back in the closet.

There are still a couple of boxes of old junk that I need to go through again, but I’ll tackle those another day. It’s a process, minimalizing. I’m getting there, and it’s an interesting journey, but there’s no need to push to fast. The objects aren’t the focus, the people are.

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