Minimalism and People

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There’s (at least) one aspect of starting a blog about minimalism and zero-waste that I hadn’t considered.


People know about what I’m doing. It comes up in casual conversation. It’s a very strange sensation. I’m not entirely sure why it never occurred to me that I’d encounter my blog in everyday conversation, but I certainly have. People want to know what it’s about, and why I started, and how long it’s for, and how it’s going. It’s awesome, but unexpected.

My roommates aren’t entirely onboard with the experiment. They both like the idea of zero-waste and they humour my strange shopping habits and obsession with recycling. One of them has changed a few of his personal shopping habits to include less packaging. But there’s a bit of good-natured teasing at the same time. Neither have taken much interest in minimalism, however, and that ideal has taken a lot more teasing than zero-waste. But minimalism is a personal interest, not one that has particularly concrete consequences, so I don’t mind. I’m happy doing what I’m doing and I’ll keep working on them.

Friends and acquaintances range across the scale from amused to curious to encouraging. Some think I’m a bit crazy to try to stop using plastic. Some have the same passions as I do, and are happy that I’m taking these steps. Most are just curious as to what it’s all about.

A couple of times, I’ve had contact with a complete stranger, and this experiment has still come up. The most notable times were at restaurants when I requested no straw in my cup, and it turned out that the servers were trying to get the whole place to stop using straws. That was a neat feeling, seeing someone else who cares enough about plastic to speak up.

I really appreciate the support and interest that I’ve received thus far. I’m not here to get readers, just to write, but the encouragement is really, well, encouraging.

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